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Liposuction Orlando

Aqualipo® VS Liposuction

Our doctors have redefined liposuction in Orlando thanks to innovative Aqualipo® technology! Most people have seen videos of old-fashioned liposuction techniques. The aggressive, violent movement of the cannula as it attacks body fat. The high-powered suction to purge the fat. The patients taking off work for weeks with swollen, bruised, and sore bodies. But now, with the advent of Aqualipo® Orlando liposuction, patients are getting excellent results, with less discomfort and vastly smoother recoveries.

Aqualipo®… It’s Not Your Mother's Liposuction!

By using an innovative liposuction technique, Aqualipo® is better able to meet patient needs in every area as compared to traditional liposuction. Aqualipo® is minimally invasive, with no need for general anesthesia and less risk of complications. Aqualipo® promotes sculpted, long-lasting results, while minimizing bleeding, bruising, and swelling. Aqualipo® patients don’t have to endure weeks of downtime. In fact, most patients can continue their regular activities immediately following their procedure.

Comparing Our Orlando Liposuction Procedures
No general anesthesia required
Lower risk of medical complications
Patients can resume normal activities
No scarring
No stitches
Minimizes swelling
Minimizes bleeding and bruising
Minimizes damage to surrounding tissue
Fat removed gently with water jet
Minimal downtime; return to work immediately
No lumps and bumps associated with traditional liposuction
Traditional Liposuction
General anesthesia necessary
Higher risk of complications
Patients may feel disoriented and impaired – must be driven home by someone else
Scarring often occurs
Stitches usually required
Significant swelling can occur
Bleeding, often with significant bruising
Strike injuries and septal detachment often occur
Aggressive suctioning to purge fat
Weeks of recovery before returning to work
May cause a lumpy or bumpy area where traditional liposuction has been performed

How Does Aqualipo® Remove Fat Compared To Traditional Orlando Liposuction?

Liposuction techniques of the past relied on aggressive fat removal and general anesthesia. The cannula was inserted beneath your skin and vigorously moved back and forth to break up unwanted fat. High-powered suction then extracted this fat from your body. While this method was effective, it left behind unnecessary damage. Patients used to expect substantial bleeding, bruising, and swelling around the treatment area(s). Weeks of downtime were not uncommon.

Thanks to Aqualipo® technology, you do not need to worry about an invasive liposuction procedure or lengthy recovery! Aqualipo® delivers highly-concentrated pulses of water to the target area(s). A tiny incision is made in the skin and the Aqualipo® cannula is inserted below the skin. Water from the cannula gently loosens unwanted fat cells from surrounding tissues, making these fat cells easier to extract via liposuction. The result is less bleeding, bruising, and swelling.

Does Aqualipo® Require Less Downtime Than Traditional Orlando Liposuction?

Yes! Aqualipo® better preserves your fat cells, as well as nearby tissues, resulting in less recovery time. Since Aqualipo® is minimally invasive, patients do not need nearly as much time to recover from liposuction. Many Aqualipo® patients resume their daily activities within the same day as their treatment!

Which Areas Can You Treat With Aqualipo®?

Aqualipo® can remove excess fat from most areas of the body. Some of the more common treatment areas include the chin, neck, arms, chest, back, midsection, thighs, and buttocks. Depending on your surgery goals, you may be a candidate for combination liposuction to treat multiple areas in one procedure. Our liposuction doctors would be happy to meet with you to determine if Aqualipo® is right for you during a consultation at our Florida offices.

How Does Aqualipo® Water Liposuction Differ From Other Body Sculpting Surgeries?

Aqualipo® is a minimally invasive fat removal technique. This differs from traditional body contouring surgeries that focus primarily on removing and repositioning loose or excess skin. During body sculpting surgery, sagging skin is lifted, reshaped, and excised to restore firmness to your figure. Procedures like tummy tucks, thigh lifts, and back lifts can require numerous incisions and result in lengthy downtimes for patients.

Instead, Aqualipo® focuses on removing unwanted fat cells and sculpting more pronounced curves with little-to-no downtime. In certain cases, patients may be candidates for combination body sculpting surgery with liposuction. Our plastic surgeons will meet with you to further explain your options and answer any questions you may have regarding your liposuction procedure.

Who Can I Talk To About Liposuction In Orlando?

Our liposuction doctors offer personalized treatments that are tailored to your individual needs and goals. To schedule a lipo consultation, please give us a call at 844-567-5476 or request an appointment online at one of our Florida offices: Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, The Villages®.

Aqualipo - NaturalFill - Get More Curves... Move My FAT!
Aqualipo - NaturalFill - Get More Curves... Move My FAT!
melts away stubborn fat
tightens skin
encourages production of collagen
accentuates body contours
no general anesthesia
faster recovery time

remove stubborn fat
target love handles
treat the midsection, flanks, & back
symmetrical fat removal
long-lasting improvements
*results may vary

radio frequency skin tightening
firm and lift loose skin
long-lasting results
minimally invasive
little downtime
no general anesthesia
no downtime
low medical risk
no blood loss
less bruising
local anesthesia
powerful fat flushing
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