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Lipo Orlando

Aqualipo® Overview

Our doctors perform lipo in Orlando using water jet liposuction! Known as Aqualipo®, this technique is an advanced way to combat excess fat, sculpt your face and body, and leave you looking slimmer, more toned, and even younger. Aqualipo® takes an innovative approach to liposuction using liposuction technology that gives patients better results with less risk and downtime. Patients seeking liposuction in Orlando enjoy the benefits of Aqualipo® with minimal downtime and natural-looking results. Not only can Aqualipo® slim stubborn areas of fat, it allows for the preservation of the removed fat cells to then be transferred to other areas of the body if desired.

Unlike body contouring surgeries of the past, which required extensive stitches and left behind lengthy scars, Aqualipo® is minimally invasive! There are no visible scars or long recoveries following your procedure. Patients do not need to take weeks off work after Aqualipo® treatment. In fact, you can usually resume many of your daily activities immediately. Aqualipo® can achieve long-lasting results and transform your physique. Discover the benefits of Aqualipo® water jet liposuction today.

Orlando Aqualipo® Overview
Uses water jet lipo to remove stubborn fat
Concentrated pulses of water separate fat cells, making them easier to suction
Minimizes any trauma to surrounding tissues
Limits bruising, swelling, and recovery following your treatment
Preserves fat cells for follow-up fat transfer procedures
Can achieve long-lasting results

How Does Aqualipo® Work?

Aqualipo® uses a pulsating spray of sterile fluid through a water jet to flush out fat cells so that they can be gently aspirated from the body. The water jet allows fat to be removed from the body without the aggressive force used in older liposuction techniques, thus limiting trauma to surrounding skin, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and septal attachments.

How Does The Water Jet Help Reduce Recovery When Undergoing Lipo In Orlando?

Because the water jet gently separates the fat from nearby tissues, the suction cannula can move freely without causing damage to surrounding tissues. In older liposuction techniques, trauma caused during the aspiration process could result in bleeding, nerve damage, a lumpy appearance, and the rupture of septal attachments between deeper structures and the skin. With the water jet, septal attachments are largely preserved, trauma is limited, and patients experience a dramatically smoother recovery.

Does Using A Water Jet For Lipo Have Other Benefits?

Yes. The water jet uses dramatically less infiltration fluid than is typically required by traditional liposuction. This helps to limit bloating and swelling for the patient, while presenting exciting possibilities for fat transfer. With the water jet, the removed fat can be used immediately for fat transfer to augment another part of the body that might benefit, such as hollowed cheeks, thinning lips, hand rejuvenation, and breast & buttocks augmentation. With traditional liposuction techniques, suctioned fat had to first go through a lengthy centrifuge process to remove the excess fluid before it could be ready for transfer.

Am I An Ideal Candidate For Lipo In Orlando?

If you are bothered by stubborn fat that you just can’t seem to lose despite steadfast dieting and consistent exercise, or if you would like to further slim and accentuate your physique by removing love handles or bulging, then Aqualipo® may be right for you! Since Aqualipo® is minimally invasive, this procedure uses local anesthesia and may be ideal for patients who want to achieve body sculpting results without the need for general anesthesia. Aqualipo® is not meant to be a weight loss procedure. Patients should be within 20 pounds of their ideal weight. Our Orlando lipo doctors would be happy to meet with you to determine if Aqualipo® is right for you during a consultation at our Florida offices.

Which Areas Does Aqualipo® Treat?

Aqualipo® can remove excess fat from the upper, mid, and lower body! Patients can target the jawline, neck, back, chest, arms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Our liposuction doctors can also treat multiple areas in one procedure to achieve comprehensive improvements to your physique. Flush away unwanted love handles and bulging with Aqualipo®.

What Kind Of Lipo Results Can I Expect?

Aqualipo® is designed to achieve substantial, natural-looking improvements to your body contours. You can expect a slimmer, shapelier, and more defined physique following Aqualipo® treatment. Lipo results are long-lasting – once stubborn fat is removed from your body, it cannot return. Patients are encouraged to maintain a consistent diet and exercise routine following Aqualipo® to help sustain their newfound results.

Who Can I Talk To About Lipo In Orlando?

Our lipo doctors offer personalized treatments that are tailored to your individual needs and goals. To schedule a liposuction consultation, please give us a call at 844-567-5476 or request an appointment online at one of our Florida offices: Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, The Villages®.

Aqualipo - NaturalFill - Get More Curves... Move My FAT!
Aqualipo - NaturalFill - Get More Curves... Move My FAT!
melts away stubborn fat
tightens skin
encourages production of collagen
accentuates body contours
no general anesthesia
faster recovery time

remove stubborn fat
target love handles
treat the midsection, flanks, & back
symmetrical fat removal
long-lasting improvements
*results may vary

radio frequency skin tightening
firm and lift loose skin
long-lasting results
minimally invasive
little downtime
no general anesthesia
no downtime
low medical risk
no blood loss
less bruising
local anesthesia
powerful fat flushing
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