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Aqualipo® Results

Aqua lipo treatment can help you achieve the results you’ve dreamed of! Aqualipo® produces outstanding improvements using the groundbreaking aqua liposuction technique in an innovative approach that successfully combats fat and sculpts your body. For years, patients were forced to rely on antiquated liposuction techniques of the past. Although these procedures achieved results, they also required more extensive surgeries and longer recoveries. Aggressive fat removal and high-powered liposuction caused extensive bruising, swelling, and discomfort for patients.

Liposuction surgeon, Dr. Roger Bassin, pioneered Aqualipo® to give patients a gentler, less invasive alternative to traditional lipo surgery. Aqua liposuction strays from the older methods of high-powered fat removal. Instead, the Aqualipo® technique uses water jet liposuction to flush out stubborn fat. Concentrated pulses of water loosen fat cells from nearby tissues, making them easier to suction out of the body. Aqualipo® leaves surrounding tissues unharmed and can result in drastically less bruising and swelling. Patients can expect less recovery time and can even restart their daily activities immediately. Learn more about how aqua lipo can achieve youthful-looking improvements to your figure!

What Results Can Aqualipo® Achieve?

Aqua lipo can achieve substantial, natural-looking results. Patients can treat unwanted bulging, as well as diet-resistant love handles with water liposuction. The result is a more youthful-looking, sculpted figure. Aqualipo® is not meant to be a substitute for weight loss. Rather, this procedure precisely targets small amounts of stubborn fat for pronounced results.

Can I Target Multiple Areas At Once?

Yes! Aqualipo® can be used to target multiple areas of concern in one surgery. For example, Aqualipo® may be used to treat the midsection, flanks, and lower back to achieve a slimmer waistline. Or, patients may target the chest and back to improve upper body contours. Our doctors can meet with you to determine if aqua lipo can best accomplish your desired goals.

How Long Will My Lipo Results Last?

The Aqualipo® process physically removes fat cells from your body, so you can expect substantial, long-lasting results. Unlike temporary treatments, which require follow-up appointments to maintain results, Aqualipo® is designed to be a long-term solution to stubborn fat. Many patients see their desired results after just one treatment, although this will vary from patient to patient.

What If I Gain The Weight Back?

Upon reaching adulthood, the human body does not produce new fat cells. When we gain weight, we are simply expanding the fat cells that we already have. Since Aqualipo® removes unwanted fat cells, new fat cells will not be deposited in their place. Of course, it is always possible that you could gain weight following your surgery. It is important to note that Aqualipo® is not a weight loss procedure, nor does it prevent areas from experiencing weight gain following treatment. All patients are encouraged to eat healthy and exercise to help maintain their aqua lipo results.

Do You Offer Fat Transfer Following Lipo In FL?

Yes! Our doctors do perform fat transfer for patients who want to add natural-looking volume to their face, hands, breasts, or buttocks. The innovative water jet technique of Aqualipo® removes fat cells gently while preserving them from harm or damage. These fat cells can be harvested and reinjected into the body to add smooth, natural-looking volume. Patients can add size and shape to areas that have lost definition. Whether you want to restore youthful curves or enhance body contours, Aqualipo® and fat transfer can help! Our doctors would be happy to meet with you to determine if fat transplant can best accomplish your procedure goals.

Where Can I See Examples Of Aqua Lipo Results?

Our Aqualipo® surgeons have helped countless patients slim and reshape their figures with water liposuction over the years. We provide aqua lipo before and after photos so you can see results from actual patients. While individual results may vary, these photos can help you visualize potential results when opting for Aqualipo® treatment. Additionally, these photos show some of the more common Aqualipo® treatment areas. Click the button below to see our aqua lipo before and after photos.

Who Can I Talk To About Lipo In FL?

Our lipo doctors offer personalized treatments that are tailored to your individual needs and goals. To schedule a lipo consultation, please give us a call at 844-567-5476 or request an appointment online at one of our Florida offices: Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, The Villages®.

Aqualipo - NaturalFill - Get More Curves... Move My FAT!
Aqualipo - NaturalFill - Get More Curves... Move My FAT!
melts away stubborn fat
tightens skin
encourages production of collagen
accentuates body contours
no general anesthesia
faster recovery time

remove stubborn fat
target love handles
treat the midsection, flanks, & back
symmetrical fat removal
long-lasting improvements
*results may vary

radio frequency skin tightening
firm and lift loose skin
long-lasting results
minimally invasive
little downtime
no general anesthesia
no downtime
low medical risk
no blood loss
less bruising
local anesthesia
powerful fat flushing
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