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Lipo 360 Orlando

360 Liposuction

Lipo 360 in Orlando (also known as Liposuction 360) is a circumferential liposuction technique that can sculpt a firmer and slimmer waist by removing stubborn fat. What makes Lipo 360 unique is its comprehensive approach to fat removal. Unlike traditional abdominal liposuction, which only targets the stomach, Lipo 360 can treat the entire waistline in one procedure. By removing fat from your midsection, obliques, flanks, and mid-to-lower back, Lipo 360 can address bulging around your entire waist, resulting in symmetrical, natural-looking improvements to your physique. Our Lipo 360 specialists can treat love handles, improve tone, and accentuate definition. Learn more about undergoing Liposuction 360 in Orlando!

Lipo 360 Overview
Removes unwanted fat from the entire waist – 360 degrees around
Sculpts the midsection, sides, and back to enhance body contours
Simultaneously slims and tones your waistline
Treats bulging, love handles, and excess layers of stubborn fat
Can achieve comprehensive, long-lasting results
Can be combined with a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

What Is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 is a specialized approach to abdominal liposuction that not only treats the midsection, but also encompasses the rest of your waist to remove stubborn fat. In the past, liposuction primarily focused on the stomach and obliques. Although effective, this method failed to target the flanks and sides, as well as the mid-to-lower back. These areas are often cosmetic concerns for patients. By including these additional areas, Lipo 360 can treat bulging around entire the waistline.

Patients often choose to use the fat taken from Lipo 360 for natural fat transfer to the buttocks! Lipo 360 with a BBL can achieve beautiful curves by slimming the waistline and adding volume to the buttocks. Ask our plastic surgeons if Lipo 360 and a BBL may be right for you!

Can Lipo 360 In Orlando Help Me?

Are you struggling to burn off those final layers of fat around your belly or flanks? Would you like to achieve a more sculpted and toned waistline? Lipo 360 can accomplish both of these procedure goals in one treatment by shaping and sculpting your midsection and the surrounding areas! This comprehensive approach to liposuction can ensure a youthful-looking, symmetrical waistline following your circumferential liposuction procedure.

Lipo 360 Treatment Areas
Mid-To-Lower Back

Lipo 360 Before & Afters

Discover how Liposuction 360 can help you slim and shape your waistline! Check out real before and after photos from patients who underwent Lipo 360 with our Florida liposuction doctors. Check out their results! Please keep in mind that individual results may vary from patient to patient. Our doctors would be happy to meet with you to further discuss your procedure goals during a Lipo 360 consultation at our Florida offices.

How Does Lipo 360 Work?

Lipo 360 uses a tiny cannula to break up and remove excess fat cells without affecting surrounding tissues. A small incision is made and the cannula is inserted below your skin. The cannula breaks apart and extracts fat cells around the treatment area. Your Lipo 360 doctor will also sculpt and shape your existing fat to accentuate body contours. This procedure is repeated around the entire waistline for symmetrical results.

Is Lipo 360 Different From Traditional Liposuction Methods?

Yes! Liposuction 360 is a more comprehensive procedure than past liposuction techniques. By focusing on the stomach, obliques, sides, and back, Lipo 360 can better slim your waist and improve definition. Additionally, Lipo 360 focuses on sculpting your remaining fat to improve contours. Liposuction 360 can also achieve results with less downtime and recovery than older, more traditional liposuction procedures. A local anesthetic is typically used, as opposed to general anesthesia.

How Long Is Recovery After Undergoing Lipo 360 In Orlando?

Lipo 360 patients can expect some slight bruising and swelling around the waistline. These effects should subside within a week. Generally, patients can restart many of their daily activities after a few days and do not need extensive time off work for recovery. Our Orlando lipo doctors can further discuss aftercare instructions with you during your consultation at our Florida offices.

Are Lipo 360 Results Long-Lasting?

Yes, Lipo 360 results are designed to be long-lasting. You can achieve substantial improvements to your waistline after a single Lipo 360 treatment. Once excess fat is removed from your body, it cannot return. Patients are encouraged to create and maintain a diet and exercise plan to help sustain their Lipo 360 results following treatment.

Who Can I Talk To About Lipo 360 In Orlando?

Our Lipo 360 physicians offer personalized treatments that are tailored to your individual needs and goals. To schedule a Lipo 360 consultation, please give us a call at 844-567-5476 or request an appointment online at one of our Florida offices: Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne, The Villages®.

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