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Aqualipo ® - NaturalFill™

Aqualipo ® The new revolution in liposuction

  • Minimal Downtime
  • No General Anesthesia Required
  • Low Medical Risk
  • No Blood Loss
  • Less Bruising & Swelling
  • Powerful Fat Flushing
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How does AQUALIPO ® work?

AQUALIPO ® is an advanced new way to combat excess fat, sculpt your face and body, and leave you looking slimmer, more toned, and even younger.  AQUALIPO ® takes an innovative approach to liposuction using a ground-breaking liposuction technology that gives patients better results with less risk and downtime.  Sometimes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  That’s exactly why AQUALIPO ® is able to offer such outstanding results. 

How does the water-jet work to remove the fat?

The water-jet uses a pulsating spray of sterile fluid to flush out the fat so that it can be gently aspirated from the body.  The water-jet allows fat to be removed from the body without the aggressive force used in older liposuction techniques, thus limiting trauma to surrounding skin, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and septal attachments. 

How does the water-jet help reduce patient recovery time?

Because the water-jet gently separates the tissue within the fat compartment, the suction cannula can move freely without causing damage to surrounding tissues.  In older liposuction techniques, trauma caused during the aspiration process could result in bleeding, nerve damage, a lumpy appearance, and the rupture of septal attachments between deeper structures and the skin.  With the water-jet, septal attachments are largely preserved, trauma is limited, and patients experience a dramatically smoother recovery.

Does using a water-jet have other benefits?

Yes.  The water-jet uses dramatically less infiltration fluid than is typically required by traditional liposuction.  That helps to limit bloating and swelling for the patient, while presenting exciting possibilities for fat transfer.  With the water-jet, the removed fat can be used immediately for fat transfer to augment another part of the body that might benefit, such as hollowed cheeks, thinning lips, hand rejuvenation, breast& buttucks augmentation.  With traditional liposuction techniques, suctioned fat had to first go through a lengthy centrifuge process to remove the excess fluid before it could be ready for transfer. 

Who can I talk to about AQUALIPO ®?

The AQUALIPO ® network includes doctors who are commited to the AQUALIPO ® process.  You should make an appointment for a personal consultation with an AQUALIPO ® doctor.  Click here to locate a trained AQUALIPO ® doctor in your area.